At Amoona Botanicals we regard plants as intelligent, spiritual beings and we offer the utmost gratitude and respect to them for providing nourishment to us and to our entire eco-system. Our herbs are always soured utilizing natural cultivation practices that prioritize sustainability. We prioritize fair-trade practices and all our products are made with the highest quality natural materials available.

A note on White Sage: As the demand for white sage increases in the marketplace, it is of utmost importance to recognize the risk of endangerment that this revered plant is facing due to increased market demand, wild-harvesting practices and climate change. Amoona Botanicals white sage products are grown at a Certified Organic farm and therefore our cultivation practices do not pose a threat to the wild species that are in dire need of a rest from the heavy human hand in order to survive.

How you can help: If you live in an arid climate, plant some white sage in your garden, or better yet, plant some in the wild! (Note: white sage is different that culinary sage which grows plentifully in gardens all around the world.)